Storytelling in Audio and Video Boot Camp

Take Your Business or Passion to the Next Level – Start Your Audio/Video Podcast Today!

Podcasting has become an increasingly popular way to tell stories, with the number of podcasts growing yearly – there are now over half a million podcasts, according to Apple.

Podcasting is an enriching way to express yourself creatively, complement business goals, and create deeper connections with your clientele or audience.

Podcasting is a powerful marketing tool. Starting a podcast and regularly putting out valuable content is a great way to build trust and increase the brand awareness of your small business, non-profit or turn your passion into profit.

Ready to learn how to start a podcast? Excellent decision. You don’t need to be an expert to be a podcast host. We will train you!

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This Boot Camp will teach brand-new podcasters how to create a podcast from an idea to a sample of your podcast. It covers strategies for creating, marketing, and monetizing a podcast, finding the right guests, interviewing techniques, and more! By the end of this course, you can create your ultimate podcast. Podcast Coach is committed to educating you!

What You Will Learn

At the end of this Boot Camp, you will have the knowledge and resources to:
⦁ Conceptualize your podcast, mission and define your perfect listener avatar
⦁ Develop an intro and outro, outline, name and brand identity for your podcast
⦁ Understand the different formats of podcasts and select the right one for you
⦁ Publish your podcasts into Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, YouTube and other platforms
⦁ Select the right social media for your podcasts: hooks, promos, clips, audiograms, etc.
⦁ Summarize how to find, select and prepare the right guests for your podcast
⦁ Learn how to be an effective guest on other podcasts
⦁ Understand how to market and monetize your podcast
⦁ Leverage your podcast to promote your business

Who Should Attend?

⦁ Startups and Entrepreneurs
⦁ Passionate Individuals
⦁ Faith-based Leaders and Staff
⦁ Non-profit Leaders and Staff
⦁ Journalists
⦁ New Media Managers
⦁ Content Marketers
⦁ Communications and PR Personnel
⦁ Editors
⦁ Web Producers
⦁ Seniors
⦁ Youth
⦁ Community Leaders and Advocates
⦁ Influencers to be

Reasons Why You Need to Start a Podcast

  • Share your voice, message and mission
  • Connect with influencers in your niche
  • Build authority and credibility
  • Grow an audience and launch a business
  • Boost your online visibility
  • Establish or reinforce your brand identity
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Create a platform to sell your products
  • Amplify your current business reach and influence
  • Achieve lifestyle, influencer and celebrity status

Every Attendee Gets

  • Start Your Podcast Planner
  • Podcast Journal
  • Interview Checklist
  • Podcast Outline
  • A Demo of Your Podcast
  • Podcast Logo
  • A PDF Certificate of Achievement

Boot Camp Fee

We train individuals (including seniors and youths), groups, non-profit organizations and corporations! Special rates are available for groups and individuals who want to training together. We also offer on demand training for individuals and groups.

  • Youth: $250
  • Adults: $350
  • Private Coaching (one-on-one): $500


  • No previous experience required
  • This is an introductory online program with in-person studio time
  • Passion, ability and willingness to learn
  • Basic computer literacy and understanding of English

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